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Put your passion to work.

Technical Consultant for Microsoft Dynamics 365




Senior Consultant/Specialist Lead

78.000 € - 90.000 €

Salary p.a.

As part of our CIMPCO project teams you will work with your team at the most exciting customers in Germany and worldwide from a location of your choice (global remote).


  • At least 3 years of professional experience in customizing or developing Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Experience with C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML preferred

  • Clear understanding of Microsoft reference architectures

  • Solution and customer oriented way of thinking and working

  • Very good knowledge of German and English


We have 5 job levels, from Analyst to Partner Level, with a fully transparent compensation model increasing on a yearly basis. At the partner level you participate with a company share in the company and deliver and benefit on a long term entrepreneurial journey.

Compensation model:

On all levels you additional participate with a profit share, paid out annually.

Job levels and fixed salary p.a.:

  • Analyst 55.000 €

  • Consultant 65.000 €

  • Senior Consultant 78.000 €

  • Specialist Lead 90.000 €

  • Senior Specialist Lead 110.000 €

  • Partner 95.000 €

Additional package items:

  • 500k Pension plan

  • Profit share

  • Company health insurance

I am experienced in the folloing areas.
I am experienced with the following technologies:

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